Iraqi Freedom

A Special Challenge Coin
From Northwest Territorial Mint

Northwest Territorial Mint is proud to
pay tribute to the Armed Forces
serving in Iraq with the “Operation
Iraqi Freedom” challenge coin. This
die-struck, hand-crafted all American-
made medallion features the flags of
Australia, Great Britain and The United
States with a map of Iraq in the center.

This superb coin is available with
your choice of design on the reverse.
Choose from one of five major service
branches of the military: Air Force, Army,
Coast Guard, Marines or Navy (shown
below). Service men and women in all
branches of our Military are using these for
challenge coins. Families often buy these
medallions for family members stationed in Iraq.

Coins are 39mm and 47mm in diameter and are available in
three different styles:

• MerlinGold® (a proprietary brass alloy pictured here)
• .999 Silver Proof - one ounce
• .999 Silver Proof - one ounce with selective gold plating

Each style features hand painted enamel in 3 colors on the
front side of the medallion. We invite you to browse our
selection of coins and pick out your favorite branch or type
of metal.

Iraqi Freedom Coin Store

About Northwest Territorial Mint
As a leading private mint, we have unrivaled
experience in minting unit and challenge coins for
the military. We invite you to browse our selection
of military coins. For your custom minted coin
or knife, please contact us at sales@nwtmint.com.